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Heaven Upside Down


Marilyn Manson's upcoming tenth studio album Say10 is now entitled Heaven Upside Down and is due for release by Loma Vista Recordings and Caroline International later this year. This new album was written and produced with Tyler Bates. Last november, Marilyn Manson released a video teaser of Say10. Find out more by watching it below.

The Heaven Upside Down Tour started in Budapest on July 20th, and Marilyn Manson debuted four new songs, including Revelation #12 and We Know Where You Fucking Live.

Track listing*

* These titles were performed during the Heaven Upside Down Tour; except Stigmata, now available on iTunes. This track listing is not completed and is classified in random order.

- Say10
- We Know Where You Fucking Live
- Revelation #12
- 1°
- God's Gonna Cut You Down (Johnny Cash cover)
- Stigmata (Ministry cover)


Marilyn Manson - Vocals
Tyler Bates - Lead Guitar
Paul Wiley - Guitar
Twiggy - Bass
Gil Sharone - Drums
Daniel Fox - Keyboards


VIDEOGRAPHY - Bill Yukich, PEROU, Agata Alexander.

LABEL - Loma Vista Recordings, Caroline International, Hell, etc.


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